Militarization of Police

Thesis: Military equipment is being turned over to local police forces all over Illinois.

Data: Cook County leads the state in military weapons acquisitions, with 1,336 weapons and 1,700 pieces of equipment in law enforcement possession.

Thesis: Local Law Enforcement agencies are being trusted less and less by communities due to an increase in military like behavior

Data: More than 80% of small town law enforcement agencies have SWAT teams; 90% in larger areas.



Thesis: Chicago’s traffic cameras are beginning to be used for more than traffic regulation, instead monitoring the day to day activity of civilians.

Data: Chicago leads the country in red-light camera operation, generating $500 million in the past 10 years.

Thesis: Law enforcement are using drones to investigate crime scenes, crash sites, situations… This raises concerns with public privacy in the future.

Data: The FAA is currently working on regulations for the use of drones in police matters and how the collection of data is used and stored.


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