Secondary Research Cont’d


Topic #1

Pedicab Regulations

Source: “Unfair Pedicab Ordinance Kills Jobs & Green Transportation” by TC ORourke for Chicago Pedicab Association,  May 13, 2014

Thesis: Due to the newly changed Pedicab ordinances in Chicago, restrictions have been put in place to severely limit pedicab operators livelihoods with unreasonable requirements and penalties.

Data: A single infraction, as small as missing a wheel reflector, can be punishable by a $500 fine, vehicle impoundment and the revocation of operator’s license for up to 5 years.


Source: “New rules of the road possible for Chicago pedicab drivers” by Lauren Chooljian, WBEZ 91.5, April 30, 2014.

Thesis: Chicago’s new ordinance has affected pedicab operators finances, by controlling certain aspects of a newly transformed industry and killing jobs.

Data: Alderman Tunney’s measure rules that operators would have to obtain a $250 annual license and a $25 decal. Pedicabs would have to be equipped with safety belts and meet other safety standards. Operators would need to carry liability insurance and post their fare structure on their vehicle, instead of negotiating the price before or after the ride.


Source: “Loop Pedicab Ban Passed in Committee; Council Votes Today” by John Greenfield for STREETSBLOG Chicago, April 30, 2014.

Thesis: A committee meeting was held to discuss the proposed pedicab ban in Chicago with several testifying before the final city council vote to argue for less pedicab restrictions.

Data: Another sticking point is a rule that would cap at 200 the number of registered pedicabs allowed in a city that is estimated to have over 400 + operators.


Topic #2

Video Surveillance

Source: “Chicago’s Video Surveillance Cameras: A Pervasive and Poorly Regulated Threat to Our Privacy” by Adam Schwartz for the Northwestern Journal of Technology, 2013

Thesis: With Chicago’s integrated network of video surveillance cameras in place, effectively every aspect of public life is documented, posing a serious threat to the civil liberties of its residents.

Data: In September 2011, a Chicago police executive stated that the City has access to 15,000 cameras. In February 2012, a Chicago 911 Center official stated that the City has access to 20,000 cameras.


Source: “Security camera surge in Chicago sparks concerns of ‘massive surveillance system’ ” by Mike Tobin for, 2014

Thesis: With an estimated 24,000 advanced surveillance cameras in place throughout Chicago, there are not too many places one can go without being constantly monitored, essentially destroying the expectation of privacy.

Data: 348 cameras were installed around the city, sold to the public on the claim that their purpose was to catch people speeding and running red lights. Now, 2/3 of those cameras are being upgraded with 360 degree swivels so they can rotate and monitor everything within sight of the intersection.


Source: “Chicago Expands Surveillance Camera Network” June 2011

Thesis: Chicago is home to the most extensive and integrated camera network in the country.

Data: The new cameras will reportedly be paid for with a $650,000 federal grant from the department of homeland security, making us the most-watched citizens in the country.


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