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Reading Response

Peter Hall’s reading “Critical Visualization” was about the value and different views or strand of visualization. He quotes researcher Colin Ware with the five-pints of the advantages of visualization “It helps us comprehend huge amounts of data; it allows us to perceive emergent properties we might not have anticipated; it can reveal problems with the data itself; it facilitates out understanding of large-scale and small scale features; and it helps us form hypotheses.”  I agree with these three points of why we should use visualization as a way to easily consume out information. It is just a more simpler and more organized way for us to gain information. Hall mostly explains three different ways visualization data can be categorized or viewed as. Which were technology, science and art. I can understand why these are the three different ways to describe visualization. I think all of these strands are needed to put together a visual way to explain a problem or topic.

This project shows the expansion in population in certain cities from the 19th century to the 20th century

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