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Secondary Synthesis

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Chicago has been attempting to reform it’s education system in the last ten years by relying more on test scores, syllabus standardization and the privatization of schools. This has inevitably left schools with the decreasing scores, increasing debt and less community autonomy over facilities. As a result, Chicago Public Schools have begun focusing more on social factors that may effect a child’s schooling and have realized that the gap between minority and white students is widening from 35% gap in 2001, to a 47% in 2007. For many students, school may be a sanctuary of resources and so the facilities need to be able to develop them culturally. Community involvement in schools overall increases public opinion of the environment, test scores, and behavioral evaluations equally in minority and white students, which is the foundation of a strong community. New initiatives, such as CPS’ Community School Initiatives, and other grassroots programs successfully aim to create schools as a center of community for all ages. Chicagoans should be shown how their direct involvement within schools vastly improves program sustainability and functionality. This will hopefully represent students as more than a test score and innervate citizens to actively participate.


How is the school day partitioned?

What is your personalized perspective of school or initiative’s mission statement?

To what extent is your group able to fulfill its mission and what has been the most successful aspect and biggest fault?

How has your school or initiative developed since its origination?

How long does the school stay open for alternative events after class time and how is the attendance usually?

How do you incentive participation and contribution?

Can you describe some of the social dynamics in your community and your organization’s response?

What means of networking with user do you use?