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Secondary Research Assignment

Topic #1

Pedicab Regulations

Source: “Unfair Pedicab Ordinance Kills Jobs & Green Transportation” by TC ORourke for Chicago Pedicab Association, May 13, 2014

Thesis: Due to the newly changed Pedicab ordinances in Chicago, restrictions have been put in place to severely limit a pedicab operator’s livelihood with unreasonable requirements and penalties.

Data: A single infraction, as small as missing a wheel reflector, can be punishable by a $500 fine, vehicle impound and the revocation of the operator’s license for up to 5 years.


Topic #2

Video Surveillance

Source: “Chicago’s Video Surveillance Cameras: A Pervasive and Poorly Regulated Threat to Our Privacy” by Adam Schwartz for the Northwestern Journal of Technology, 2013

Thesis: With Chicago’s integrated network of video surveillance cameras in place, effectively every aspect of public life is documented, potentially posing a serious threat to the civil liberties of its residents.

Data: In September 2011, a Chicago police executive stated that the City had access to 15,000 cameras. In February 2012, a Chicago 911 Center official stated that the City had access to 20,000 cameras.